Why I Became The Southern Sewist

Thank you for joining me in my brand new adventure. If you read my bio, you already know I love to sew and create, but you also know I love my family.

My family on vacation

In 2018, I realized that my job, although it was my dream job, was keeping me away from my family too often. My two daughters are in middle school and they need me to be home now more than any other time in their life.

So I talked to some good friends in the industry, I prayed and talked with my family. We brainstormed, cried, argued and prayed some more. That is when the idea for Southern Sewist came to me.

I decided to start this website that will hopefully grow into a brand. Here is where I will continue to bring you all the tutorials, new designs, advice and tips that I previously did for Sulky. You will probably still see me doing guests blog posts and projects for Sulky!

I hope you will join me, talk with me and help me along. I am excited (and a little scared) to start this great journey with you.


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