Sew Emoji Pillowcase

I am thrilled to be a part of the Sew Emoji Blog Hop! I love Gailen Runge (check out the post I did for her Kraft Tex bag book here) and these emojis were sew fun to make.

My nephew Sammy is in love with emojis so I decided to make him a pillowcase.
I gathered my supplies first: Fabric, Sulky Cotton and PolyDeco thread, Steam-A-Seam 2 and the Sew Emoji book.

Since I will probably make more emojis, I drew the circle and the poo emoji on Sulky Totally Stable® so I could use it over and over.

The book has wonderful directions so the emojis and pillowcase were easy to make (Thanks Gailen!). I used white Sulky PolyDeco in top and bobbin for construction.

I personalized the pillowcase by adding Sammy’s name to it. My Janome Quilt Maker Memory Craft 15000 has amazing fonts already built in so it was super quick and easy to add his name.

I think he will love this pillowcase! If you don’t already have the book, you can get it here.

As a side note, my nephew is autistic and April is autism awareness month! If you don’t know much about autism, or want to know how you can help people and families affected by autism, check out the Autism Speaks website here.

Happy Emoji Sewing!

3 thoughts on “Sew Emoji Pillowcase

  1. Thank you for honoring Sammy and his constant challenges with your post. Sammy will love this and probably carry it around with him for days after getting it!


    1. Bev, Sammy is an amazing kid who handles the world and it’s challenges well. He has taught all of us that autism is much more superpower than anything else and if we can help the world recognize that, we can all benefit!


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