Free Embroidery Design and Project in honor of MLK


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – His very name evokes some kind of emotion in most people. For some, that is honor and respect. Unfortunately, for others it is anger and hatred. It is because of the later that we must continue to share his message and passion with the people around us. This is my small part to spread the love that Dr. King died to show.


I designed this project and embroidery design for Sulky a few years ago. It’s completely free. I hope you will download it and stitch it out. Even if it’s just for yourself.

Let’s all remember to side with love.

You can get the design and tutorial here.

Paper Pieced Heart Quilt

Paper piecing is a great technique that is the perfect tool when precision is key to creating the look that you want. I designed this fun quilt for Sulky using two different paper piecing techniques. This is a great way to learn how to do these on a simple quilt so you can use them on a more complicated quilt later! You don’t have to be intimidated by paper piecing. Once you know the basics and the tips I show you here, you are ready to tackle any pattern your heart desires.

The full pattern including the templates are on the Sulky website.

Enjoy the pattern and let me know your thoughts in the comments!